Message From The CEO’s Desk

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  Everest Electrical and Building Materials WLL, is my vision and contribution to the Electrical Industry to satisfy the needs of the Electrical world. We began our Journey two decades ago, partnering with some of the major brands in the Europe, Middle East & Asia serving the electrical Industry with the best options available in the market in terms of quality and Standards. We have operations in UAE, Bahrain & India and Headquarters located in the United Kingdom.

Bahrain Electrical Industry is one of the fast growing market in the Middle East. I am encouraged to note that our Company have continuously set new standards for engineering excellence with the introduction of new Electrical products with latest technologies and advanced design. This electrical segment is well positioned for growth, given low rates of auto penetration, rising incomes and increasing affordability. The company will focus on optimization, drive operating leverage and manage capital spends prudently to offset the impact of headwinds facing the business.

The Company’s enhanced focus is on developing products that are based on safer, smarter and cleaner technology. The strategic interventions are also aligned towards meeting this requirement. We have our expertise in R&D team for designing new products and solutions together with an understanding of market trends and customer needs. We are offering value to electrical industry through strong engineering capability global foot print and innovative solutions for new business.

The ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared) phenomenon is likely to transform mobility and influence consumer preferences in the future. In terms of manufacturing of products, our efficient, cost effective process makes higher level of capacity utilization possible in the efficient manufacturing. It is endeavor to achieve market leadership by delivering products that meet the evolving needs of customer on safety environment, eco-friendliness and future technologies.We strive to attract, develop, retain and reward talent and build a diverse work force to draw to requisite skills to drive our future strategy needs. I thank you for your continued trust, confidence and support. Looking forward to serve the industry with best Possible ways.

Shanavaz Farooque Sait

CEO & Founder

Message From The Chairman’s Desk

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 Keep challenging of “Kaizen” & moving forward to create the products at the forefront.
Everest Electrical and Building Materials WLL journey began in the year 2006. We have been one of the pioneer firm in the electrical segment in the kingdom of Bahrain. Our Electrical segment designs, manufactures, supply, support of HV & LV Products, lighting solutions for OEMs and top-tier companies in Private and Public sector at Kingdom of Bahrain. Everest businesses have a high level of customer intimacy, enabling customer-back innovation to address complex needs such as efficiency, safety, and quality. Deep market knowledge and strong manufacturing process capabilities allow Everest’s electrical businesses to be nimble, niche problem solvers for their sophisticated customers.

Strong brand positions, and technological expertise, enable Everest Electrical to provide value-added products with service and aftermarket capabilities that customer’s value. Strong brands deliver quality performance and products that improve customers’ accuracy and speed to market.

Our corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. Diversity and inclusion are part of our company’s core values and we are committed to support our employees as we all work towards the positive change.

Balamurugan Palanichamy


Message From The Director’s Desk

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  Continuous innovation and advancement is necessary for company’s growth. We have been challenging to make continuous improvement & moving forward to future. Because we think staying within the safety shell lead to decline in business. Currently we are putting effort to provide electrical solution and to enhance business requirements for the benefit of the Industry. We would like to continue to provide our best services to Electrical Industry with best quality enhanced services.

For the innovation and future advancement, People are necessary and important.

The basic principle of our company management is “To be a company which everybody stays healthy and feel happy when look back over their career ."

Ali Hussain Abdulla Alhakeem